For quite awhile I thought about creating a food blog as a way to share recipes I write but never quite felt assured enough to do it since I was still learning so much and had a lot of refinement to work through yet. So I went on learning as much as I could while I continued to contemplate the concept of some type of way to share what I was becoming so passionate about. I realized the main goal of the site would be to help connect people to content that may be helpful, interesting and potentially delicious hoping to make plant based diets more approachable and easier to maintain. I wanted to write about a lot of topics in deeper detail but worried that if that information was posted along with recipes it may get lost in the shuffle. With that in mind I decided to write articles and essays about pertinent information and outlooks related to health and nutrition rather that get expansive in my write ups of recipes hoping to make the information people sought out easier to find. Health is a sort of never ending transition but when I was going from a standard American diet to a plant based one sometimes finding information was difficult with so many various perspectives to sort though.

          The writing and recipes I post here reflect things I find beneficial but aren’t meant to infer that one thing is right and another is wrong. Everyone has different needs for their own lives, I’m just sharing what’s worked for me and others with similar outlooks. Sometimes when people look at plant based diets they just see what they excluded, but highlighting what they consist of, and thrive on, is the way I choose to look at them. The main purpose of this platform is to connect people to information about nutrition, health and environmental topics as well as recipes and any other things that may make transitioning to or enjoying a plant based diet easy. Some articles will be pretty straight forward others just my take on things but with anything here it’s just what I’ve found to be helpful that I feel is worth sharing. Some content I’ll create but I’ll also include some from sources that I think may be helpful.

          I use the term “plant based” because improving your diet and lifestyle isn’t about fitting into rules or specific criteria it’s just about bringing more joy into life. Maybe this site provides inspiration for the occasional Meatless Monday meal while for someone else it may be a source for juice fasting tips. Where ever you may be on the spectrum you should be able to find something of interest here. Topics of this nature can be tricky to sort through and though I try keep my writing laden with information to back up my perspectives I ultimately try to make my writings enjoyable to read. Going plant based has brought more joy, light and inspiration into my life than I ever anticipated. I often feel like I’m bursting at the seems, wanting to shout the benefits of it all from the rooftops but I know the manner in which it’s presented is crucial for it to truly resonate with others. My experience is my own but hopefully through what I express here you may find tidbits to keep things interesting in the kitchen, shed light on a new ingredient or maybe just brighten your day a bit.

          Originally I thought I would just post recipes but while new recipes have indeed been quite helpful throughout my transition, it’s information that’s played the more prominent role in moving me forward and cementing improved habits. Taste is just one aspect of diet and when you desire foods because you understand their benefit to your body and begin to lose interest in others once their damaging properties are understood, then it’s easy to build upon that momentum. Our tastebuds are ours to mold. I can assure you I’m not sitting down to meals of bland plant foods. I wasn’t going to trade out my buffalo wings for tasteless plant based meals, so I learned to create things in ways that keep my tastebuds happy, and hungry for more, I always thought I would be plagued by cravings for my favorite carnivorous and processed foods from before I shifted things but soon I was pleasantly surprised to learn that our tastebuds and general mentality of what food we truly desire changes as we explore new foods and saturate ourselves with supportive information. From the beginning I learned that continuing to take in content from various media forms about plant based diets would keep me motivated to keep going when challenging times arose. There comes a certain point with transitions when you’ve just become too saturated with information to operate in the old way anymore and that’s how to eliminate habits you’re ready to move away from. Without information it can be such a struggle. Having a general notion that something is good for you won’t necessarily keep you on track so by finding things to move towards and reasons to let others go you’ll be making changes based on what your mind and body want to be doing rather than steered by an ill intentioned craving. So many aspects of going plant based can leave the impression of going against the grain that sometimes reassurance is needed to remind you what originally interested you in these things. It can be alienating at times if those around you don’t share your interests in a plant based lifestyle, so this platform will share everything from relevant nutritional and environmental information to offering supportive writings about the social and internal aspects of what can be a major change.

          As I started to explore plant based diets I learned I would need to get comfortable in the kitchen. I basically had zero kitchen skills and I had no clue how to feed myself with just plants, but I knew what I wanted to bring into my life and doing it myself instead of relying on restaurants. Every day there’s new recipes being shared and plant based diets continue to grow in popularity but sometimes it can be a lot to sort though. I’m raw vegan now but I’ll be posting vegan recipes that are both cooked and raw to help the widest amount of people possible. The recipes I post that aren’t written by me will have some filters to go through. I won’t share anything using processed foods, refined sugars or other ingredients that aren’t worth forming new habits around and will focus on recipes that are generally accessible. If they require 6 kinds of exotic berries and expensive superfoods I’ll probably pass on posting those delicious as they may be. Along with recipes I’ll write about tips and tricks that may be helpful for improving your comfort level in the kitchen.

          When I decided to share more than just recipes on here it was because of the diverse array of content I want to put out. A major factor in my decision to go plant based was the environmental impact. From the impact of not eating meat to the small but powerful habit of bring a reusable bag to the store instead of using disposable ones, I want to shed light on all the various ways we can be helping the planet rather than hurting it. So while food is certainly the main focus of this platform, there will be all kinds of corresponding articles being shared. Some of these may be pretty cut and dry while others may be a bit more abstract. There are so many facets of plant based diets that expand well beyond what we eat and more into how life flows as we shift our energy. With every step forward there is a lightening. As we let go of old baggage we move with a new grace. The other side of that coin is that others around us may not be on that same wavelength, which creates new challenges. The social ramifications of dietary lifestyle changes can be the most challenging part for some depending on how far you go with it, so I’ll do my best to share my experience and other things that may be helpful as you navigate your way through these progressions.

          By having this mix of content funneled through one source, then made accessible through the web page and social media accounts.  I hope that journeys may be eased, anxieties lessened and the courage to explore encouraged. Accessibility is imperative to me so if there’s something you’re curious about, struggling with, or even just an ingredient you’re not sure how to use, send me a message. I’m here to help and I’m ready to share any recipe that may be just what you’re looking for or maybe your inquiry is a common one and will inform me that I should write something about it to share with others. I have many plans for the future of this platform but your input will help steer it’s course. I do this because I like creating but sharing is my main focus because I’ve felt the difference a plant based diet can make. I’ve seen what it can do in a short period of time as well over several years. Hopefully this content will be helpful and interesting to you and yours.

Thank You